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Willie Villegas Y Entre Amigos

'Salsa En La Calle'

(Entre Amigos 001)


Willie Villegas - Timbales
Johnson Morales - Pianist and co-leader
Willie "Timba" Rodriguez - Congas
Jim Popelka - bongos
Alfredo "Male" Torres - Lead Vocalist
Gamalier "Gami" Bonilla - Lead Trombone
Jeff Iglesias - 2nd Trombone and Percussion
Marcial Caraballo - Salsera!


Willie Villegas Y Entre Amigos pride themselves on playing classic salsa, the sound of salsa from its heyday in the 1970s.

Keeping alive this classic salsa sound of the 1970s, Brooklyn born timbalero Willie was inspired by such Latin music giants as Eddie Palmieri, Cachao, and Hector Lavoe.

Over the past 15+ years he has performed with some of the best on the salsa scene: Eddie Palmieri, Frankie Ruiz, Joe Cuba, Lalo Rodriguez, Paquito Guzman etc.

Band member conguero Willie "Timba" Rodriguez was also a member of the legendary Brooklyn Sounds in the 1970s.

In a recent interview Willie states: "... it came to a point where bands weren't performing like they used to…the music continued to change, but then eventually, people started asking for the old classic Salsa again. So, I decided to put my own band together...  people are going to want to hear that old classic danceable Salsa dura."

"I believe that music belongs to no one…so anyone can interpret it as they see fit. You can incorporate certain rhythms or aspects of the rhythms, such as Timba, into the genre of Salsa. But personally, I maintain the rule, and the rule is classic music, simple technology, nothing abrasive or protrusive…I mean, we just play what we love."

Willie also hosts a public access TV show in Brooklyn showcasing clips of the salsa legends that inspired him. The show also teaches the history and roots of Latin music.

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Willie Villegas y Entre Amigos
'Dancer's Paradise'



Willie Villegas Y Entre Amigos

'Salsa En La Calle'

(Entre Amigos 001)

Song Titles

1. Inventamos (Descarga) (6'06")
2. Mentirosa (Cumbia/Salsa) (4'24")
3. Isla Plena (Plena Medley) (5'45")
4. Perfidia (Bolero) (4'23")
5. Sacalo (Merengue) (4'01")
6. Amalia Batista (Guaracha) (3'39")
7. Chanchullo (Montuno) (5'22")

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