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Grupo X

'Food For Your Latin Soul'



Jonny Enright - trombone
Trevor Mires - trombone
Finn Peters - alto sax, flute
Jimmy Le Messurier - timbales
Pete Eckford - congas
Simon Edwards - bass
John Crawford - piano
Olly Drew - guitar, vocals
Carlos Pena - vocals, percussion

Label - Loft Records
Releases 2006

Band web site:

When Grupo X broke through in 2001 with their debut album "X-Posure", and much acclaimed single "Brand New Love", their individual and unique London blend of salsa, soul, bugalu and descarga won them many friends worldwide. From latin and jazz radio stations across the USA to a host of international club DJs (Louie Vega, Gilles Peterson, Osunlade, Patrick Forge, DJ Bobbito, Rainer Truby, Nicola Conte, Jazzanova, Snowboy), "X-posure" was much loved and played extensively.

With a busy live schedule, including being house latin band at London's legendary Jazz Cafe backing people like Jack Costanzo, Dave Pike, Jimmy Bosch, Bobby Matos etc, bandleader Jonny Enright took his time with the second album. Well, they say good things come to those who wait, so in 2006 here it is.

"Food For Your Latin Soul" continues where "X-Posure" left off but with an even more adventurous musical dialogue. The true spirit of Nuyorican latin music is alive and well in the old-school analogue and live-band recordings, with heavy descarga, salsa dura, latin jazz, latin soul and bugalu still present. But Jonny and the band have added extra musical colour to the picture - Brasilian samba, Puerto Rican bomba, Afro-Cuban bata drums, ska, Afro-Peruvian rhythms, Salsoul style string arrangements. A musical pot-pourri that blends perfectly and naturally.

The tightness and exceptional playing come from a band that's been together nearly a decade. Once again, soul diva Lisa Millett is back on lead vocals - a superstar in the house music scene having worked with Paul Oakenfold, All Seeing I and ATFC. Another major feature is the song-writing team of trombonist/ bandleader Jonny Enright and timbalero/ drummer Jimmy Le Messurier ( ), who together and solo have written all 11 numbers!

"Food For Your Latin Soul" has been simmering on the cooker for nearly five years, being blended, reworked and improved to perfection. Finally, Grupo X have delivered their long-awaited second album for those who love salsa, jazz and soul. The wait has been worth it. Now just kick back and enjoy!

Lubi Jovanovic
(Straight No Chaser Magazine)

"Grupo X are the UK's answer to Nuyorican Soul - a fantastic mix of Latin & Soul perfect for the modern listener. One of my favourite groups in the world today."
Adrian Gibson, Head of Music Mean Fiddler/Jazz Cafe

"Not just any Food For Your Latin Soul, but Grupo X's Food For Your Latin Soul! Jonny Enright and his band of funky superchefs have cooked-up an album that veritably oozes with sabor, which is Latino-speak for taste and flavour."
John Child, journalist and DJ: Aracataca, totallyradio.com

Grupo X - Food For Your Latin Soul (LOFTCD002) CD

Grupo X

'Food For Your Latin Soul'


Song Titles

1. Get Through To You
(Enright - Drew)

2. This Must Be The Place
(Le Messurier - Enright)

3. Que Sene La Banda
(Enright/ - Pena)

4. Sunshine
(Enright - Le Messurier)

5. Spare Ribs

6. X-Perience
(Le Messurier - Enright)

7. You Qualify
(Enright - Le Messurier)

8. J's Joint
(Enright - Pena)

9. Let's Get Connected
(Le Messurier - Enright)

10. For A Life
(Enright - Le Messurier)

11. Quijada, Cajon Y Cencerro
(Le Messurier - Edwards - Enright)

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