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Venezuelan label Latin World Entertainment state as their aim
' sign artists of great repute as well as young talent, maintaining as fundamental principles the highest artistic quality and production excellence.'
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  Tocando Tierra

"A Tribute to Latin American Music" CD00301
Remarkable and sparkling South American music stars get together in a worldwide project, with the purpose of creating a historical and cultural document on varied Latin American musical expressions, performed with contemporary sounds. You will enjoy 36 songs, in three CDs that were produced for UNICEF. Major artists that took part in the project are: Compay Segunda, Paquito D'Rivera, Alex Acuna, Armando Manzanero, Bela Fleck, Luis Eurique, Ary Baroso, Habana Ensemble, and others.


Pedro Despestre

"Son, Charanga y Pasiones"
Former Orquesta Aragon, violin maestro and member of the Buena Vista Social Club (appearances in Ibrahim Ferrer's, Omara Portuondo's and Cachaito's releases), Pedro Depestre died April 2001 while touring with Cachaito in the first concert of their European tour. "Son, Charangas y Pasiones" is the last album recorded at Egrem Studios in 1999.

  Simón Díaz

Richard Egues
and Friends

With more than 50 years trajectory, Simón is an icon of Venezuelan musical history. Outstanding composer, interpreter and musician, he is one of the most important legacies of Latin American folk music. He was the composer of the number one hit "Bamboleo", performed by the Gipsy Kings. His repertoire includes Joropo, copla and savanna folk songs. He has captured the hearts of people from France, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Iraq, the United States, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Colombia among others.

"Cuban Sessions"
Former Orquesta Aragon first flute and director, Richard Egues explores the Cuban repertoire together with Buena Vista's Omara Portuondo, Guajiro Mirabel and Pedro Depestre, Irakere's director Chucho Valdes, Isaac Delgado and Ernan Lopez Nussa, among others.

Habana Ensemble    

"A Tribute to Perez Prado"
A major Havana orchestra, their arrangements bridge the gap between mambo and timba. Several of its members have been disciples of Chucho Valdes's Irakere fo many years. The new "Cuban cool".

Alfredo Naranjo

"A las seis es la Cita Tributo a Joe Cuba" CD00105
The fourth production of Alfredo Naranjo, a great Venezuelan musician and composer who has gained recognition in Europe because of his imprint in Venezuelan and worldwide Jazz. In this new production, Alfredo Naranjo dares to experiment with salsa, managing to blend the best hits of salsa in Venezuela with the great successes of Joe Cuba, projecting a sound that is not usually found because of the use of the xylophone.



"Como Era y Como Es"
After 36 releases Venezuela's major band performs a blend of Afro-Carribean rhythms based on traditional 'gaita' from western Venezuela with salsa and funk. A high standard of performance and arrangements, played by this 19-piece strong band.


Martes 8:30 

"Ayer y Hoy"
With their three productions: "Villa Sebucán", "Origen Caracas" and "Ayer y Hoy", Martes 8:30 offer a selection of songs from a universal repertoire: Latin songs, Brazilian themes, even New Age, as part of the band's research. In addition, they did an excellent version of a Beatles song in big band format, and another beautiful version in jazz of a bolero called "La Lluvia en la Tarde".



A Milan based Venezuelan singer, Watussi has been on the scene since the early 1970's singing for Fania All Stars Ray Barretto, and Conjunto Libre, among others. Recorded in New York, these sessions are backed up by former Fania All Stars Jose Mangual Jr, Reinaldo Jorge, Adalberto Santiago and Tito Allen, among others.


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