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'Como era y como es'

(Latin World CD00302)

After 36 releases, Venezuela's major band performs a blend of Afro-Caribbean rhythms based on traditional "gaita" from western Venezuela with salsa and funk. A high standard of performance and arrangements, played by this 19-piece strong band.

"I have followed GUACO for many years. I know their music and think that it is one of the most attractive cases of the Latin expression. What they offer is singular and tremendously effective".
Carlos Santana

"Latin music is facing new horizons… Not far from now, we will get to what a Venezuelan group called GUACO has achieved. They have taken Afro-Caribbean rhythm and, based on it, have built their own unique style".
Rubén Blades.





' Como era y como es'

(Latin World CD00302)


Song Titles

1. La Turbulencia
2. Movidita
3. Pastelero
4. Para ella
5. Guaco y Tambora
6. Por si vuelves
7. Cepillao
8. Maracucha
9. Billetero
10. Sentimiento Nacional
11. Si mi cama está vacia
12. guas de cristal
13. Medio loco
14. Disco guaco 

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