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Details of EastBlok Music CD releases.

EastBlok Music

EastBlok Music
German based folk and gypsy music label.
Artists include:
Balkan Beats, UKRAINA, songs of the orange revolution, Peresvet.

EastBlok Music

Selected CD releases from the EastBlok Music catalogue:

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Description of CD releases from EastBlok Music
Where available mp3 sound samples are included, click on links for approx 30 second sample.

Balkan Beats

Balkan Beats - Various Artists (EBM003) 
Hailed a the ultimate Balkans Compilation! With Fanfare Ciocarlia, Boban Markovic, Goran Bregovic and featuring several unpublished tracks. Traditional and urbane sounds emerging from Gypsy Grooves, Tribal Beats and Balkan Ska makes this compilation an addictive sampler.
Magnifico & Turbolentza (Slovenia) - Hir Ai Kam, Hir Ai Go
Mahala Ra Banda (Romania) - Colindat
Yugoton and Kazik (Poland, Croatia, Serbia) - Malcziki

UKRAINA, songs of the orange revolution

UKRAINA; Songs Of The Orange Revolution - Various Artists (EBM002)
"Never before has the Ukraine been as much in the international focus. The flow of good news from Kiev finds its musical equivalent in this compilation...."
Okean Elsi - Maische Wesna
Mandri - Kalina

Peresvet - Russian Choir 

Peresvet - Oi Moroz, Moroz; Russian Drinking Songs (EBM001)
PERESVET are considered one of the best male voice choirs in Russia. They are the personal choir of Alexijs II., the Patriarchen of the Russian church.
Here the musicians dedicate themselves to a somewhat merrier topic: Russian drinking songs.
Drinking and talking (Pitiya s rassuzhdeniyem)
Oh frost, frost! (Oi, moroz, moroz!)

Below are  other similar music labels we distribute. 

Periferic Records
Periferic Records

Hungary based rock, folk, jazz, gypsy, music label.

Artists include:
Vandor Vokal, Khanci Dos, Kanizsa Csillagai, Duvo Ensemble, Hungarian World Music Orchestra, TransylMania, Rozsdamaro, Vasmalom, Karikas, Kincser, Kerekes, Szelkialto Kormoran, Ivanovics Tunde and others.

Fono Budai Zenekar
Fono Budai Zenekar

Hungary based folk, jazz, gypsy, music label.

Artist roster includes Besh o droM, Csik Ensemble, Parno Graszt, New Patria Series, Kallos Archive, Fono Orchestra, Ghymes Ensemble, , Amaro Suno, Dresch Quartet, Felix Lajko, Roza Bancseva and Orkestar Slavia,  Rila and others.



Hungary based folk, jazz, gypsy, music label.

Artists include:
Besh o droM, Mitsoura, Kalamajka and others.

B92 Music
B92 Music

Serbia based folk, gypsy, music label.

Artists include:
Ognjen i Prijatelji, Srbija: Sounds Global, Aleksandar Sisic, Serboplov, Belgrade Coffee Shop and others.


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