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Simón Diaz


(Latin World CD00307)

With more than 50 years trajectory, Simón is an icon of Venezuelan musical history. Outstanding composer, interpreter and musician, he is one of the most important legacies of Latin American folk music. He was the composer of the number one hit "Bamboleo", performed by the Gipsy Kings!

His repertoire includes Joropo, copla and savanna folk songs. He has captured the hearts of people from France, Spain, Poland, Hungary, United States, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Colombia among others.

Simon Diaz - Vocals
Albert Arroyo - Keyboards, Guitar
Ismael Vasquez - Keyboards, Guitar
Azucena Ruggiero - Keyboards, Guitar
Maria Fernanda Montero - Keyboards, Guitar
Susana Salas - Keyboards, Guitar
Wilkinson Machado - Keyboards, Guitar
Zdzislaw Waskiewicz - Viol
Hector Vasquez - Cello
Angel Carrasquel "Nunca" - Requinto
Albort Arroyo - Mandolin on "Noche de Ronda"
Gustavo Aranguren - Trompet
Gabriel "Pitoco" Gonzalez - Bajo
Francisco Gonzalez - Percusion



Simon Diaz


(Latin World CD00307)


Song Titles

1. Noche De Ronda (4''01")
2. Escribeno (4'35")
3. Enamorado De Ti (3'49")
4. Inovidable (3'25")
5. Mujer (4'28")
6. Palabras De Mujer (3'30")
7. Para Que Recordar (4'33")
8. Quiereme Mucho (3'17")
9. Santa (3'37")
10. Solamente Un Vez (3'48")
11. El Ciego (4'21")
12. Nunca (3'41")

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