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Joe Quijano is the proprietor the recording company, Cesta Records which he formed in the 1960s. Joe was born on September 27, 1935, at Puerta de Tierra, Puerto Rico, his family relocating to New York City in 1941. Over the years he has contributed greatly to the development of Latin music in New York City.


  • Classic salsa
  • Classic descargas, son montunos, guaguanco
  • Classic dance music

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Item #: CESDVD10001  DVD

The Tito Puente Roast Presented by Joe Quijano Item #: CESDVD10001  DVD The Tito Puente Roast Presented by Joe Quijano
Item #: CESDVD10001 DVD
Featuring testimonials from numerous the stars of latin music including: Charlie Palmieri, Bobby Capo, Raul Marrerro, Al Santiago, Orlando Marin, Ray Barretto, Myrta Silva and many others, as well as the main man himself: Tito Puente, El Rey Del Timbal. Also features live numbers from the Tito Puente Orchestra, led by Tito himself, along with a bonus live track from the host of the show Mr Joe Quijano.

"In 1979, I produced a live show for Tito Puente and His Orchestra, for the purpose of promoting him to a wider television audience. We came up with the idea of starting a Tito Puente Scholarship Fund and incorporating it into "The Tito Puente Roast."

The show was filmed at MTI Studios in NYC with renowned scenic designer, Douglas S. Paddock. Many personalities attended and participated in this grand event. They were Grace Pérez Quijano, Raul Davila, Herb McQuade, Ronnie Puente (Tito Puente's son), Eduardo Olmos, Orlando Marin, Al Santiago, Polito Vega (Announcer), Charlie Palmieri, Bobby Capo, Felipe Luciano, Ray Barretto, Ralph Mercado, Raul Marrero, Bill Beauchamp. Izzy Sanabria, Marcos Rosales, Tony Martinez, Cindy Rodriguez (Tito Rodriguez' daughter), Eddie Palmieri, Palph Lew, Jose Curbelo, Roger Dawson, Myrta Silva, Papo Estrada, Joe Conzo, Federico Pagani, Catalino Rolon, Paco Navarro (Announcer), Margie Puente (Tito Puente's wife), and the Tito Puente Orchestra.

The event took place on April 30, 1979. The filming turned out to be exciting and successful since the roasting to Tito Puente was recorded in front of a live audience.

I want to thank the writers, the roasters, the musicians, all of the supporters, and most of all my former wife who believed in my endeavors. The show is 99% in English, proving that many Latinos dominated the language of Shakespeare, mixing it up with "Spanglish." Please sit back and enjoy this piece of musical history.

En Abril 30, del 1979, "Ensalsamos" A Tito Puente. Una hora y 45 minutos, de comedia, y tres numeros musicales, por Tito Puente y Su Orquesta, El Rey Del Timbal, mambo, No Puedo Ser Feliz, bolero (con Tito Puente en el vibrafono) y Oye Como Va, cha cha cha. Disfruten de esta labor historica, como yo disfrute, haciendiolo realidad."
Gracias, Joe Quijano

"Legendary musician, vocalist, record producer and bandleader Joe Quijano has managed to capture a piece of musical history. With the technical help of Luis "Perico" Ortiz, Joe has restored what everyone thought were the lost tapes from the 1979 "Tito Puente Roast." This event was a black tie affair held in honor of the most popular Latin bandleader of his time. Featured on this DVD are three classic "live" performances by the maestro and his orchestra, laced together with testimonials and jokes by some of the greatest musicians that ever performed Afro-Cuban music. Thanks to the efforts of Joe, a brand new generation of Hispanic Caribbean Americans may now fully appreciate Tito's innovative efforts. It is a fitting tribute to one of New York's own, a true American legend."
Chico Alvarez 

"The Tito Puente Roast is a fascinating social document of both its subject and New York's Latin music establishment in the early 1980s. Joe Quijano has to be commended for preserving and now releasing this material on DVD; it's a must for collectors and serious students of the music."
John Child


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