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Grupo Saona

'Grupo Saona'


Angel (Bobolon) Vasquez
- Piano and Musical Direction
Armando Beltre - Trumpet
Paquito Burgos - Trumpet
Jean Gomez - Trombone
Nino Pena - Trombone
Carlos Pimentel (Barco Viejo) - Bass Guitar
Amy Rosario - Vocals and Guiro
Hipolito Rivera - Timbale
Juan Andujar (Catarey) - Bongo
Raymond Andujar (Catarey) - Conga
Chuchu de Leon y
Raymond Andujar (Catarey)
- Arrangements
Angel (Bobolon) Vasquez
- Coro

Production - Luis Vasquez
Sound - Julio Cesar Ruiz
Mixing - Luis Vasquez and Julio Cesar Ruiz
Recording Studio - Fabiola Recording

Label - Salsa Records, New York


Featuring the classic New York salsa sound from the mid 1970s Grupo Saona are a re-discovered treasure. Grupo Saona released two albums on salsa Records, expect the second one later this year.

Originally on the Salsa Records label and remastered for CD for the first time. 



Grupo Saona - Grupo Saona (CD059) CD

Grupo Saona

'Grupo Saona'


Song Titles

1. El Pagare (D.R.)

2. Merceditas (D.R.)
3. Pin Pon (Rafael Hernandez)
4. Mi Querer (Rafael Hernandez)

5. Indudable (D.R.)
6. La Casuelita ( D.R.)
7. La Casa De Margot (Fuego) (Rafael Hernandez)
8. La Mulatona (Pine Valerio)

Duration (35'17")

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